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1913 Lincoln Cent. Proof-67+ RB (PCGS). CAC.

Price $13,500.00

Top Pop Matte Proof 1913 Lincoln Cent
None Finer at PCGS or CAC

1913 Lincoln Cent. Proof-67+ RB (PCGS). CAC.
This is a magnificent survivor from the coveted Matte Proof series of the early 20th century, struck from 1909 through 1916. Each side of this Superb Gem glows with a blend of golden and tangerine hues, accented by a crescent of magenta and sapphire iridescence at the lower obverse rim. The luster is vibrant and richly textured, remaining entirely undisturbed across even the highest points. Sharply struck and original, this piece combines superior eye appeal with exceptional surface preservation. It ranks among the very finest seen by PCGS and CAC, and none rank finer in any color category.
It is estimated that fewer than 500 Proof 1913 cents remain from the original mintage of 2,983 pieces, leaving supply dramatically short of the demand. While often encountered in high grade, most of these survivors are limited to grades of Proof-64 and lower due to surfaces hairlines and other signs of mishandling. Additionally many examples have toned into varying shades of brown, leaving a vibrant Red Brown specimen like the present particularly desirable. In many respects, this outstanding Superb Gem represents a significant opportunity for the astute Lincoln cent specialist or PCGS Registry Set participant.
PCGS# 3316. NGC ID: 22KW.
PCGS Population: 4; none finer in any category.
CAC Population: 8; none finer in any category.